Top Tech Gadgets and Apps for a Wedding

If you or someone you know is about to tie the knot, technology makes the process so much easier. Today, big events such as weddings are simplified with the help of clever apps and gadgets. Because let’s face it, even the simplest wedding requires big planning and that means a load of details, finagling and plenty of stress.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, pulling off the perfect wedding can be done with minimal anxiety and reduced hassles. Here are a few top wedding apps and tech gadgets that can help you streamline your wedding from start to finish.

Wedding Apps That Save the Big Day

As you probably already know, apps are computer programs or software applications designed to make life easier with schedules, planning, and more. They are easily accessible from smartphones, tablets, or wearable tech devices that make you look fashionable.  As you can have access to timely information at the touch of a button on these mobile devices, apps make wedding planning a snap. Here are a few mobile apps that will help you ace your big day.

Planning Apps: That’s what it’s all about, right? Proper planning for a wedding ensures everything goes off without a hitch when you’re getting hitched. Think about apps specifically designed for planning and scheduling with shareable calendars. You can go as simple as using Google Calendars to jot down your schedule and share it with others. Or, you can get fancy with an app like WeddingHappy, which is free and serves as your personal wedding planner.

Easier Invitations: Skip a trip to the printer and consider designing your own wedding announcements and invitations with top-notch tech. Apps such as Canva or AdobeSpark make creating your personal invitations easy on your mobile phone or desktop. In most cases, your custom-designed invitation can be sent directly to a print-on-demand company.  Or, you can save the data file and send it to your local printer. This reduces steps so you are free to tend to other details of your wedding plans.

Help With Themes: Maybe you are an expert at creating the perfect ambiance for any event, but if you’re not – there’s an app for that. Wedding themes are a piece of (wedding) cake with helpful apps online. For example, websites such as Zola provide all types of wedding style designs, from shabby chic to traditional. If you’re concerned about color coordination, Pantone is a handy app that helps you effortlessly match color schemes for your nuptial day.

Budgeting Help: No matter how simple your wedding may be, it’s going to take some cash to pull off the bash. Consider getting a budgeting app to make life easier while also keeping you and your beloved from breaking the bank. These apps typically come with notifications and tons of options to help you keep your wedding costs on track.

Using Wedding Gadgets and Cool Tech for the Big Day

Now that you’ve got a few wedding apps under your belt to consider, why not go the distance and incorporate some innovative gadgets into your wedding plans? Here are a few cool tech gizmos that will put your wedding over the edge.

Wedding Gift Ideas: A common custom to say “thank you” to your wedding party is to give them a parting gift that will a) remind them of your big day and b) make them love you forever. The most trending bride and groomsmen gift ideas today are all about big tech. Consider making gift bags for your wedding party pals filled with delightful devices such as earbuds, laptop cufflinks, or digital key tags that help your groom or bridal brigade find their keys.

Wedding Cameras: As you know, the days of having a disposable film camera on every table during a wedding are so over. Today, you can take it up a level by getting a wearable action camera for the wedding. This enables real-time recording of all the laughs, joys, and hubbub during the wedding planning and processions.

Flash Drives for Memories: Move over scrapbooks, here comes something leaner.  We’re talking about small, portable memory disks, thumb drives, or flash drives.  These USB devices may be tiny, but they pack a lot of memory.  Upload all your videos and images from your wedding onto flash drives. This way, you can send out a lovely account of all the wedding planning and proceedings that is easily accessible to your attendees.  Your recipients can even use an app to print the pics they like from your flash drive!

The Last Word on Tech for Wedding Planning

As you can see, tech certainly has a hot spot in planning and successfully pulling off weddings. With a little bit of ingenuity and creative thinking, wedding apps and gadgets can convert your wedding from a stress-storm into a seamless event.  Furthermore, technology can make your wedding guests happy and capture glorious memories of your special day.


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