A Comparison of Zebra ID Card Printers

Are you looking to print high-quality, clear images when creating a new card design? Be it ID cards, hospitality badges, professional visiting cards, or financial/RFID cards, the quality should be unmatched, right? It’s time to invest in the best Zebra ID card printer.

However, with a few models trending, which one should you choose for your business? Here’s a comprehensive comparison of Zebra ID card printers; go through the lot and find your best match.

Which Model is the Best Zebra Card Printer?

Zebra card printers are known globally for their excellent quality and reliability when working with ID cards. Also, Zebra Printers offers a wide selection of different models to choose your perfect match according to your needs.

You can choose your model according to the number of cards you print annually. These models vary according to security, flexibility, and print quality, so you should be able to find your match easily.

Read till the end as we highlight all the best features of all the models available on the market. From high-end models like the ZXP 7 and ZXP 8 to more affordable options like the ZXP1 and ZXP 3, we have covered all for you.

The Comparison You Need


If you are looking for a high-end and high-quality Zebra Printer, you are lucky because ZXP8 covers everything.

  • ZXP8 is the ideal Retransfer printer for maximum security.
  • With ZXP8, you will get photo-quality cards every time you print.
  • It has a low cost of ownership.
  • You also get a wide range of encoding and laminating options besides essential benefits.
  • The ZXP8 is highly versatile so you can pull off any trick with the help of this Zebra printer.


The predecessor of ZXP8 is the ZXP7; this is yet another high-performance Zebra printer that will not disappoint you should you decide to invest in it.

  • The ZXP7 gives high productivity as well as performance.
  • It’s ideal for both single and double-sided printing.
  • You will get nothing but high-quality cards.
  • This model is also operational and cost-efficient, so it’s a win-win for most start-ups.
  • The ZXP7 ensures advanced security.

It’s time to explore some of the more affordable options.


First up is our ZXP3 Professional Printer; this has super fast speed and is perfect for bulk work.

  • It’s one of the fastest models available on the market.
  • It gives you both single and double-sided printing.
  • Your cards will come out looking high-quality and professional.
  • It’s pretty versatile, so you can accomplish much with this desk printer.
  • Comes with multiple encoding as well as security options.


You can try the ZXP 1 standard Printer for an even more budget-friendly option.

  • The best part of this model is that it is affordable and easy to use.
  • However, it only offers single-sided printing only
  • You will get high-quality cards.
  • This printer is compact and portable.
  • It is also network-manageable

And there you have it, all the critical features of trending models of the Zebra printer at your disposal. Choose your best model according to your requirements and have the best quality ID cards to boost your business.


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