Top Trending Gadgets in 2022

Gadgets are good to make life easier and more comfortable. It is always nice to keep up with what is trending in the tech world. 2022 has fantastic gadget trends that have new designs and apply to our daily lives to make them more comfortable.

Some of these new gadgets are just improvements to the old appliances. The innovators have come up with better functional products. More importantly, they are easy to use and do not require further training or a course to learn how to operate them.

Below are some of the trending appliances that you should check out.

BenQ X1300i 4LED Gaming Projector

World's First 4LED Gaming Projector with Cinematic Experience | X1300i

As mentioned before, some of these gadgets are an improvement for previous techs or current working appliances. This gadget is the first gaming projector that has an optimization for the Xbox Series or PS5. The projector has 3,000-lumen which will display 1080p content.

It will also be using a low latency which is suitable for competent gamers. It has an Android TV operating system and a built-in speaker. Therefore, it can operate just like any other traditional television. However, it can go up to a 150-inch screen.

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Wyze Bulb Color

Wyze Labs WLPA19C2PK Smart Wyze Bulb

Wyze is a company that is putting much effort to come up with good gadgets. It first introduced the Wyze Cam, which worked as a smart home camera. The company is now introducing the Wyze Bulb Color. This bulb has infinite colors and temperatures that will help you get your ambiance as you want it. Additionally, you can select any of the bulbs. It also operates with Google Assistant and Alexa.

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Nomad MagSafe Cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Nomad Rugged Leather Case Rustic Brown for iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

iPhone is one of the new trending phones. Nomad makes some exciting cases for smartphones in the market. It has now introduced a case that supports MagSafe. Therefore, making it compatible with MagSafe accessories. Additionally, they can efficiently work as a fast charger that can go up to 15 watts.

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Xbox Wireless Headset

Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Microsoft has announced this gadget. It is the new and improved headset for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. The Xbox Wireless Headset is a better version compared to the existing Xbox One Stereo. It is also better than the Wired Chat headsets.

The ear cups have rotating volume controls dials similar to the Surface headphones produced by the company.  It also has a boom microphone that is of high quality. The headphones work well with the latest sound technology that also includes the Dolby Atmos.

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Satechi R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote

Satechi R1 Bluetooth Presentation Remote

It is a Bluetooth clicker that Satechi released. This gadget is suitable for controlling your presentations on your iPad or Mac. Additionally, it has special buttons that are good for incredible presentations on Keynote, Prezi, PowerPoint, and Google Slides. It also has an integrated laser pointer.  The R1 clicker has a similarity to the Apple TV remote.

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OWC Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C Cable

The universal USB-C cable was an announcement from OWC. This gadget is compatible with USB 3, USB 4, Thunderbolt 4, and Thunderbolt 3. The advantage of this gadget is that it is compatible to connect any USB-C device. It can connect to any new model of laptop or a pair of headphones.

Additionally, it is advanced enough to deliver power that is as much as 100 watts. It is also valuable for transferring data that is as much as 40GB. Moreover, it can connect a new model of laptop to an 8K monitor.

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In Conclusion

There are so many latest gadgets that trend every year. The advantage of these new models is the advancements they add to the World. Get updated on the trending appliances to avoid being outdated. Make sure to share this post on all your social media or feel free to use it as a guide for your new tech YouTube video.


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