The Best Smart Home Devices for 2021

Smart homes have become all the rage, and in 2021, things don’t seem to be slowing down. So, with that in mind, we will be taking a closer look at the best smart home devices you can’t live without this year.

But before getting into that, let’s take a look at some benefits of owning a smart home:

The Benefits Of Investing In Smart Home Devices

You might think smart devices are a fad, but the benefits they produce paint a different picture.

It’s safe to say smart homes provide you with countless benefits; below are some of the things you can expect:

Managing Your Home Is Easier – Smart devices can work together, making managing your home easier than ever. And what’s more impressive is this can all be done from your mobile phone.

You can do things like adjusting the temperature, turning your lights on/off, or getting your house cleaned all with just a few taps on your phone.

Provides Security To Your Family – The world became increasingly dangerous in 2020, with burglaries rising by 42%.

But with smart home technology, you can avoid becoming one of the statistics. Smart security stops thefts before they happen, and if something does happen, you have it all on video.

Smart Home Technology Saves You Money – It might not feel like it at the time of purchase, but smart devices really do save a lot of money.

Take smart thermostats as an example; they can help save money on your energy bills. This is quite extraordinary, and some states even offer you a rebate for making the switch to save energy.

The Top Smart Home Devices

Smart Home Devices

Okay, so you know some of the benefits smart devices have, but which ones should you be looking at?

#1. Smart Home Hub

Smart Home Hub

This is probably the best place to start; smart home hubs help you control all your smart home devices in one place. If you’re interested in having multiple smart devices, you’ll need a smart hub.

A smart hub connects to the internet and uses protocols like Z-wave to communicate between devices. This allows you to control all your devices from one app instead of filling your phone up with an app for each device.

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#2. Smart Thermostats

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the number one money-saving smart device; honestly, nothing else comes close. They intelligently heat or cool your house depending on your needs, but they also do it in the most energy-efficient way possible.

They come with several features like automatic adjustments, 7-day multi-scheduling, and much more. You can also control them using the app to turn them off if you go out and realize you’ve forgotten to do it.

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#3. Smart Plugs

Amazon Smart Plug, works with Alexa – A Certified for Humans Device

The great thing about smart plugs is you don’t have to spend a fortune buying new smart equipment. Instead, you can turn your dumb electricals into intelligent beasts for a fraction of the price.

They can also help you save money due to their energy tracking abilities. Some people even use them to get their coffee machines started in the morning. This is down to them having a scheduling feature.

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#4. Smart Security Cameras

Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera, 1080 HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, Works with Alexa

Smart security cameras are one of the main reasons people want to create a smart home. As mentioned earlier, theft is on the rise, so protecting your home against burglaries is a top priority for many.

Smart security cameras are easy to install and relatively cheap when you compare them to security companies. They also let you check in with your home from anywhere with an internet connection and send you notifications if it detects movement.

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#5. Smart Lights

Philips Hue 548495 CFH A19 Smart Light Bulb, 1, White Ambiance

Smart lights make it easier for you to manage your lighting situation. If you forget to turn them off, you can use the app. They also allow to set scenes for movie time; this could be dimming the lights to a cinema level.

Many people enjoy the away mode; this will automatically turn your light on and off to replicate someone being home. This will deter thieves from breaking in while you’re away from home.

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#6. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No one likes cleaning, well, nearly no one. It takes a lot of time out of your day, that can be better used elsewhere. And that’s why people are turning to robot vacuums.

They can be set to schedules, so you always have a clean floor without putting the effort in. There are several other features, but you can compare robot vacuum cleaners here to see what you think.

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#7. Smart Locks

Smart Door Lock with Keypad

If you’re continually fumbling for keys or losing them, smart locks might be the answer to your problems. They remove the need for keys altogether by replacing them with a code. You can set multiple codes and even label them, so you know who entered your house.

With some smart locks, you don’t even need a code; they use the Bluetooth from your phone to unlock the door. Some smart locks even have a built-in alarm to let you know the lock is being tampered with.

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#8. Smart Smoke Detectors

Google S3003LWES Nest Protect Alarm-Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector

The problem with traditional smoke detectors is they don’t warn you if you’re not in the house. By the time you get home, it’s already too late, the damage is done, and now you have to pick up the pieces.

Smart smoke detectors are different; they let you know something is wrong quickly. This way, you have the time to put plans into action and save your home from further damage.

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#9. Voice Assistants

Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release) | Smart speaker with Alexa | Charcoal

It seems in today’s world, everything comes with voice assistant technology, so it makes sense to have it in your home too. Having a voice assistant is like having a little housekeeper ready to take on small tasks for you.

This could be things like asking it to play music on your speakers or turn the lights off before you go out. But they can also team up with your robotic cleaning equipment, pretty cool, right?

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#10. Robot Lawn Mower

GARDENA SILENO Minimo - Fully Automatic Robotic Lawnmower with Bluetooth App

Again, there are some jobs in the world that most people can’t stand, and cutting the grass is one of them. But, if you don’t cut the grass, you’re left with a mini jungle in the garden, which just doesn’t look good.

Robot lawn mowers solve this problem by doing the hard work for you. Just like robot vacuums, they can be scheduled for specific days. They also come with features like rain sensors, which means you don’t damage the lawn.

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#11. Toilet Seat Bidet

Genie Bidet Electric Heated Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

In the least sexy room of your house, you can still benefit from tech upgrades. Whether your reasons in green in nature and you want to limit your use of toilet paper or with hygiene in mind and you want to clean yourself more thoroughly after each restroom visit, try out a toilet bidet.

With mass adoption already around the globe, this gadget is catching on quickly in America and should be a household item for most new construction or any bathroom renovation happening in the near future.

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As you can see, there are many smart devices you can look into to improve your life in 2021. Which ones you choose is always a personal decision. If you want to know which direction to go, think about things that bother you in your daily life.

If it’s cutting the grass or vacuuming, you know which devices can solve that problem. If you lose your keys or have guests come round a lot, smart locks would be a good option.


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