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Ubisofts’ Rainbow Six Siege is a strategic first-person shooter game with a very unique setting. For most new players, it is this unusual environment that proves to be the trickiest aspect of the game. The way that players are able to interact with the environment and the high level of team coordination required to make a mission successful, is unlike any other game. If you are just about to get into R6S or even if you are a seasoned player, these are a few pro tips to help you overcome some of the most challenging parts of the game.


As it’s true with most multi-platform games, with R6S, you will see some noticeable differences from PC to console to mobile. If you want to really hone your skills on R6S you need to stick to playing on one platform. This doesn’t mean you can’t play on more than one platform, but focusing on a specific platform will help you understand R6S on that platform at a deeper level.

Practice is one thing but familiarity also plays a big role. That intuitive response that gamers have is not just because of practice, it’s developed after thousands of hours of gameplay on the same platform to create familiarity with each nook and cranny. If you have a look at the setups most commonly used by pro players you will notice that not only are they very high end, but they are finely tuned and highly specialized towards a particular platform and even a specific game, in this case, R6S. Playing continuously from the same setup is very important in developing pro-level skills.


Unlike most shooter games, R6S is not about speed and firepower. Of course, the weapons you choose and the proficiency with which you use them will be very important but overall the game is designed to be played with strategy and coordination. Some players will suggest that using Siege cheats is the way to go, but this will not get you very far to play Rainbow Six Siege.

Cheats will only help you make the game easier, they won’t improve your gaming or your skillset. By focusing more on your skillset you will perform better regardless of the map, the opponent, or the match type. Moreover, R6S is a team game that requires high levels of coordination. As it is based on real-world events that took place, you need very realistic coordination to win.

Sometimes your target will be to infiltrate a base, while other times you will be defending your base. You can’t be a one-man-army in this game, so be communicative with the team and delegate tasks so no one is overburdened and people properly do what they need to.


At the elite and pro-levels, gamers are particular about very specific things such as the screens’ refresh rate, latency, ping, and of course, frame rates. For amateur players, these things are not necessarily critical, but if figures drop too far down, it can disrupt gameplay. If you are playing on a standalone system, or a local network, online connectivity speeds will not matter.

Different types of gameplay have different system requirements, if you are focused on a particular kind of gameplay you will want to beef up components that specifically provide the performance you need.

When it comes to graphics and the overall ability of your rig to process the game, having a powerful system will definitely improve the gaming experience but that doesn’t mean you need to play in 4K. An average system is perfectly fine to get you average graphics and a reasonably smooth game experience. The better your system, the better the performance will be but this is not necessary to improve your gaming abilities.


Youtube is flooded with gameplay videos of some very good players. Online forums are full of advice on strategy and technique. If you want to take your gaming to the next level, don’t rely on trial and error.

You are not going to get by in R6S by repeating the same errors again and again. Watch how high-tier players play the game and imitate their techniques. If you feel a certain style works best for you then try to master that. Learn as a gamer to improve your skillset.

By improving your skillset not only will you be a more competitive player but you will enjoy the game more. Having a better system to play on will affect the gameplay but having a $10,000 system is not necessary.

Learning is key to R6S, you want to grow as a player and develop better strategies to ensure more wins. If you can connect with a group of like-minded and grow together as a unit, that will be very helpful in the long run and will also be an amazing experience.


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