Understanding The Benefits Of Using A Time Tracking Software

COVID 19 has changed many things about the way we work. One of these things is remote work. Trying to keep their employees safe from the disease, more and more companies are mandating that they work from home.

Trying to log hours of work and keeping employee productivity up would be a challenge without time tracking software. With so many members of your team spread across so many locations, it is good to have something that helps maintain workflow and deadlines.

You may not be convinced that a time tracking app may be the best thing for your company, but there are many benefits to be gained.

Time tracking apps help you cost your projects better

Time tracking apps allow you to show a client a breakdown of exactly how much time was spent on their project and allows you to bill more accurately for it.

Time Tracking Apps Help You To Gather Data Over Time So You Can Recognise Patterns

It’s difficult for your business to progress without data. Perhaps you have been “winging it” for years, preparing invoices based on guesswork or feelings. Or estimating how long an employee works.

With time tracking software, you now have evidence in black and white of anything you might need. Here are some top online time tracking apps 2021 you can experiment with. Using it over an extended period will empower you to see trends and pitfalls in your business you might have never noticed otherwise

Time Tracking Apps Ensure Employees Are Working When They Say They Are

Your employees may not like it, but somebody has to make sure the work gets done. This falls to you and the time tracking app. With the app, employees can see for themselves how much work they are doing and improvements they may need to make.

Time Tracking Apps Can Help You Keep Projects On Schedule

If used in tandem with your project management software, a time tracking app can help you see where all your projects are at, at any point in time. You will be able to see if a part of the project is lagging and who is responsible.

Time Tracking Apps Help You Manage “Scope Creep”

Scope creep is the expansion of a project beyond its original parameters This is where someone, usually the client, keeps adding extra duties you didn’t originally agree to, while you pick up the cost. If your project is plotted along a timeline, this is easier for you to monitor and control.

Time Tracking Apps Will Help You Review Your Employees’ Performance

Bias, unconscious or not, may never be eliminated from the review process. It’s likely to be fairer when you can see who is putting in the hours and who is putting on a good show. It will give you the ability to better decide which employees should be rewarded. It can also form a record of poor performance if an employee needs to be disciplined.

Time Tracking Apps Will Help You See Which Clients Are Worth Keeping

A sad but true fact of business life is, some of your clients will be more profitable for you to service than others. Time tracking software will allow you to see which of those clients suck up time and resources (employees, equipment, etc) without providing the appropriate return.

Time Tracking Apps Will Help You Keep A Track Of “Invisible Jobs”

Much like the scope creep that we talked about earlier, invisible jobs are part of your employment duties. They are required to keep things running smoothly, but may not always contribute to the bottom line. These are phone calls to set up appointments and emails to confirm meetings. With the software, you now can bill clients for these, or tell the employee to cut down the time spent doing them.

Time Tracking Apps Will Help You See How Long A Job Takes

Many employers criticize their employees for taking too long with tasks. But what if the time needed for it was far longer than the employer allowed for? This often results in employees being blamed for “delays” that are bad estimates of how long a project takes to finish. With a time tracking app, this becomes apparent.

In 2021, businesses are required to be leaner and smarter if they are to survive. Let a time tracking app give you the edge you need to improve your performance and your profitability.


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