Hopefully you’ve worked out by now I’m not The Henny Swan Pub in Suffolk and in fact an actual person. Having said that you’d be forgiven for thinking I was a pub as I did grow up a couple of miles down the road (really). No, I don’t know what my parents were thinking either…

Anyway,  this is where I occasionally mind dump non pub-related stuff in a desperate attempt to remember some of what I learn day to day in my work as an accessibility specialist. Currently working at the BBC I’ve been in this space for 14 years previously at Opera Software, the Royal National Institute of the Blind, freelancing, and a startup in China.

Recent Projects

  • BBC Mobile Accessibility  Standards and Guidelines – lead editor on a set of technology agnostic standards and guidelines used across BBC. These came bundled with technology specific – HTML, iOS, Android – techniques, examples and evaluation criteria
  • The BBC Standard Media Player (SMP) – the BBC SMP is a pan BBC, responsive player built in Flash and HTML
  • iPlayer – oversaw the accessibility in the relaunch of a responsive BBC iPlayer (2014)


I have contributed to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG), User Agent Accessibility Guidelines User Group (UAAG), the W3C Mobile Symposium, the UN Global Initiative for Accessible ICT (UNG3ICT), and am a past co-lead of the Web Standards Project (WASP) International Liaison Group (ILG).


I have written articles for Dot Net Magazine, the Web Standards Project, the Opera Developers blog (ODIN), Spotless Interactive, BECTA, Scroll and Scrunchup. I have also contributed to Rhetorical Accessibility: At the Intersection of Technical Communication and Disability Studies with Sarah Lewthwaite and Implementing responsive design by Tim Kadlec.


I regularly speak at conferences such as South by South West, the World Wide Web Conference, Techshare, Accessibility 2.0, eAccess, Mobile Monday and CSUN.

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  2. Hi Henny,

    Hope you are doing great. I am an Acquisition Editor at Packt Publishing(www.packtpub.com). We are planning to develop a book on Responsive Web Design titled Mastering Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 and I am looking for authors on this title. It will be a 250-page book and it will be targeted at web developers/ web designers with basic to intermediate knowledge of RWD. The reader be able to design sophisticated RWD systems on sophisticated devices by the end of this book.

    Your skills include web designing, so was wondering if you might be interested in authoring this. Would be great to have you as an author.

    Let me know if we can discuss this further. You can e-mail me at meetar@packtpub.com



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