Breaking Development Podcasts: Mobile Accessibility

Huge thanks to Tim Kadlec and the Breaking Development team for interviewing me for their Freshly Squeezed podcast series about mobile accessibility (including a transcript).

In it we chat about being caught with your pants down, choosing your own chocolate biscuits and staying employable as a web developer. All important stuff.  Oh, and bit about mobile and responsive design too.

For more information about how people with disabilities use the web check out the Web Accessibility Initiative’s freshly updated mobile accessibility resources.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Development Podcasts: Mobile Accessibility

  1. What about transcripts? Podcasts are not accesssible to millions of deaf/hoh people unless they are coupled with transcripts..

  2. Hi Sveta, there was a slight delay in getting the transcript up but it’s now there. Additional transcripts are on their way I believe.

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