My Ada Lovelace ladies 2010

These are the smart, sassy woman who were my collective backbone over the last year. They’ve inspired me, supported me, educated me and most importantly laughed at me. If it hadn’t been for them I would have lost perspective on the odd occasion and probably hidden under a rock, instead, they rock.

In no particular order:

  • Antonia Hyde – web designer, movie maker and one of the few precious people who can shed some light on how to build websites for people with learning disabilities.
  • Kath Moonan – fiesty, creative, performer who champions inclusion in both her professional and private life focused on user testing with people with disabilities.
  • Lisa Herrod – My partner in crime running the Web Standards Group International Liaison Group, specialist in web design and inclusion for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Has a wardrobe to die for.
  • Sally Cain –  fellow Mum and colleague from years back who focuses on software accessibility and when it overlaps on the web.

I reckon this Fab Four pretty much have it sewn up between them. Thanks ladies x

3 thoughts on “My Ada Lovelace ladies 2010

  1. What a lovely post Henny.

    You say “They’ve inspired me, supported me, educated me and most importantly laughed at me.” You have done and continue to do the same for me. Thank you to *you*.

  2. What an absolute honour to be included with such an inspiring group of women.

    At risk of this becoming one big back slapping party, I really have to say you’ve all been a huge inspiration to me.

    The only regret I have is that I don’t live closer to you all.

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