SXSW, CSUN Tweetups and globalising the conversation

It’s going to be a busy and exciting couple of weeks, and here’s why (deep breath):

South by South West

This’ll be my second year at SXSW and I can’t wait. I’ll be kicking off the fun with a International Liaison Group (ILG) Lunch on Friday and meeting my lovely co-lead Lisa Herrod (@scenariogrl) who, bizarrely, I’ve never met before.

After that I’ll be milling around the Opera Stand together with my fellow partners in crime Chris Mills, Molly Holzschlag, Lawrence Eng and Haakon Wium Lie where we’ll be doing talks on HTML5, One Web, Accessibility, the Web Standards Curriculum, Opera Dragonfly and more. We’ll also be running an Accessibility Challenge and keep an eye out for a book signing with Guy Kawasaki.

On Monday I’ll be joining the WaSP Annual Meeting panel with Derek Featherstone, Glenda Sims, Aaron Gustafson and Stephanie Sullivan to talk about exciting new plans for WaSP. If that doesn’t float your boat then Lisa with be doing a Core Conversation on Quirky Corners of Disability. She’s an expert in issues around deafness and hard of hearing as her article on deafness and user experience on A List Apart shows and I’m gutted to not be doing the Core Conversation with her (as originally planned).

CSUN Tweetup

After SXSW it’s a short hop to LA for CSUN, easily my favorite conference of the year. This year I’ll be presenting on Testing standards compliant and accessible websites using Opera (at 8AM on Saturday morning no less) and also holding an Accessibility Tweetup co-sponsored with WebAim and TPG. We’re live webcasting it with captions so hopefully see you there, one way or another.

Globalising the conversation

Just this morning I read an article on the cost of monoculture on web standards, specifically how the use of ActiveX for online payments in South Korea is crippling the open web. It may be two years old but this is something that is still a problem and a threat to One Web.

For me, working in ILG is all about globalising the conversation on web standards and tackling these sorts of problems (a lofty goal I know). While many may feel web standards support is now no longer the vanguard but the mainstream I think that we’re forgetting about local challenges faced across the web. It’s time to shape up and turn the focus outside of the comfortable confines of Europe and the States and figure out what needs to be done elsewhere. More will be revealed at the WaSP Annual meeting…

I’ll keep you posted with links to Opera talks as well as the Opera Accessibility Challenge. Otherwise hopefully see you at either SXSW or CSUN.

5 thoughts on “SXSW, CSUN Tweetups and globalising the conversation

  1. Hmf! jealous is a word that cannot cover enough what I’m feeling. Hope you all have a great time and give us enough coverage so we don’t completely miss out!

  2. I certainly will…would be great to have you there and meet you in person. SXSW does do podcasts (waaaay after the event admittedly) and we’ll (fingers crossed) release the webcasts from the CSUN Tweetup. As for the rest I’ll do my best to cover it for you!

  3. same here… sounds like you’ll have a fab time 😉
    hoping for plenty of coverage as well – for all of us stuck at work while this lovely geekery goes on…
    have fun 🙂

  4. Joining prisca and acidsmile in wishing you have a wonderful time, and wishing I could join you. Looking forward to the live webcasting! Enjoy!

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