The Pros and Cons of Using Smart Tracking Gadgets in Everyday Life

Before smartphones, there were normal cell phones that people used to call and text each other through. Later, cell phones started doing more than that since they started having cameras. It became so much easier to take pictures with this little device you have in your pocket. Then came smartphones that enable everyone to do almost everything through them, but the world didn’t stop at that.

A few years ago, a watch was just a watch. The most you could do with it was check the time and the date, set the timer and alarms, and that was about it. Now digital and smart technology transformed watches into mini smartphones on your wrist. There are even more gadgets now that you can connect to your smartphone and smartwatch to track all your belongings. As much as these gadgets can be lifesavers, they still have their downsides.

We bring you here the pros and cons of smart gadgets, and you decide which side you’re on.


There are definitely many pros that smart tracking gadgets have and make them absolutely necessary in our everyday lives, whether in business or our personal endeavors.

You Always Know Where Your Stuff Is

Smart gadgets help you always track where your belongings are; for example, you always know where you parked your car. Many people forget the spot where they parked their car and that is one of the most unfortunate events. One of the worst things about forgetting the exact spot your car is parked is panicking about the possibility that your car may be stolen.

When you track your car, you know exactly where it is, so even if anyone tries to steal it, you know the vehicle’s location and how to get it back. You can also track packages you’re sending out to someone. This way, you know exactly where the package is going and if delivery was delayed, you will know what the reason is.

Makes Trading and Business Much Easier

It is crucial in business to know the whereabouts of the stuff you’re sending out or the ones you’re asking for. With the aim to make tracking much easier, the use of a magnetic GPS tracker can be extremely useful for different businesses.

GPS trackers can be used by cops and detectives to track suspects or undercover cops to solve major cases. They can also be attached to shipments to ensure their safety, as well as making sure they arrive on time. Most traders use GPS trackers for their shipments because of these benefits, which is a huge part of their business success.

Parents Know Where Their Children Are

Children like to play and run, but parents, of course, worry about their safety and they want to know where their children are when they take them out. Smart tracking gadgets like a GPS watch are extremely useful for parents to make sure their children are safe.

Track Your Activity and Health

One of the best features tracking gadgets offer is that they can track your heartbeat, your activity level, and your overall health. These gadgets will notify you of any unusual readings, and even encourage you to stay healthy. They’re excellent for tracking step count, workouts, amount of calories burned, and much more.


Tracking gadgets are amazingly useful, but unfortunately, they too have a downside to them. Here are some of the cons of using tracking gadgets.

They Can Cost a Lot

Cheap tracking devices are not very trustworthy and may not work properly, which is why you probably need to buy a good brand. Known brands are pretty costly, although, on the plus side, they are worth it.

They Are Not Always Accurate

Sometimes the step counts or the calories count may be inaccurate. If you are dependent on them, keep in mind that there can be errors in the counts. You will still encounter errors with trusted brands but then again, they are more accurate than less trusted ones.

Batteries Don’t Last for Long

One of the least convenient cons that tracking gadgets have is that you need to charge them regularly. Their batteries usually last for one day or so and then you will need to take them off and charge them again.

Smart tracking gadgets are still overall a great invention that has more pros than cons. They still haven’t become as crucial to our lives as smartphones have become, which may be a good thing, but since the world finds solutions to issues every day, maybe very soon all the cons will no longer be there. This doesn’t mean that the tracking gadgets aren’t useful enough but we just need to keep the cons in mind.


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