Opera BBQ, @Media, Standards.Next and HTML5 Doctor

Last week was one of those busy weeks which was all about conferences and meetups and not a moment of desk time inbetween.

Bruce Lawson does kewai

Bruce Lawson does kewai

Molly Holzschlag and Espen André Øverdahl

Molly Holzschlag and Espen André Øverdahl

We kicked off with an Opera BBQ on Wednesday followed by @Media, then rounded off with Standards.Next on Saturday. All in all it was a very HTML5 themed week  and thanks to a brilliant mix of people I learnt a lot and finally met some people who I’ve been chatting with over Twitter for some time now.


@Media rocked and ended on a high note with the announcement that Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp would be taking over organisation of the event under the Web Directions monika. After so many rumours that 2009 was to be @Media’s last this was a more then welcome thing to hear. A hat tip and huge thank you to Patrick Griffiths’s for building @Media into what it is today.

Jason Santa Maria and Jon Hicks (avec a fetching tash) during the Hot Topics panel


For me though the highlight of the week was the first ever Standards.Next meetup focusing on HTML5 – the big news so far to come out of 2009 (well at least I think so). We had roughly 60 people show up to help us chew the fat over HTML5, myths, canvass, APS’s, HTML5.js and accessibility. Thank you to all the speakers for making the event more than Bruce and I could have hoped for and also to everyone who showed up on what was a beautiful summer’s Saturday.

Below are a few links for those that didn’t make it and I’ll keep you updated as to when we post video of the event:

  • Bruce LawsonHTML 5: Are you mything the point? (.ods, 1.8 M), also on video. Yes you can start using some of HTML5 now, browser vendors aren’t evil, no HTML5 wont kill Flash, Silverlight and JavaScript and HTML5 does love accessibility (it’s just built in not bolted on).
  • Dean Edwards – Dean presented his excellent html5.js library which will be available soon but you can get a sneak peek on video here. He demo’d implementations of Web Forms 2 that worked across browsers even adopting accessibility settings from the OS for some. An amazing piece of work.
  • Remy SharpHTML5 JS API’s (PDF), demos and video. How JavaScript and HTML5 can play nicely together. With HTML5 taking care of the more mundane uses of JavaScript (date pickers and validation for example), JavaScript Ninja’s can now spend time on the more sophisticated stuff.
  • Martin KliehmHTML5 and Canvas slides, links and video shorts. Martin is the go to man for canvas and presented some great research and use cases that go beyond shoot-em-out games and Etch-a-Sketch.
  • Steve FaulknerHTML5 accessibility. The Mighty Steve Faulkner talked about accessibility issues as well as the relationship of WAI-ARIA to HTML5.


Andreas Bovens, Steve Faulkner, Patrick Lauke, PPK and Bruce Lawson during the break

HTML5 Doctor

An extra bonus was the launch of HTML5 Doctor, a collaboration between Rich Clark (of HTML5 Gallery), Bruce Lawson, Jack Osborne, Mike Robinson, Remy Sharp and Tom Leadbetter.

Next for Standards.Next

Plans are yet to be firmed up but we’re looking at doing cognition and accessibility Saturday 19th of September just after Techshare. If you’re interested in speaking or coming a long check the standards.nextwebsite for updates, we’d love to have you come along.

Update 29 June, 2009: Big thank you to Remy who’s managed to video Bruce, Dean’s and his own talks:

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  1. Well thanks for eating it. And don’t let me forget to bring you the Baklava when I come over to Oslo mid August.

  2. Henny,
    thanks so much for standards.next – it was brilliant 😉
    I thought I’d be getting a bit of info on HTML5 – was curious to hear whatever there was going to be talked about. But I did not expect it to be so fantastic! Huge thumbs-up for your speakers – they were fantastic! I learnt so much – much more than I expected – itching now to get my hands dirty with HTML5 (just to find the time… )
    Thanks again to everyone 🙂

  3. Yay, glad you liked it Prisca, I can safely say I learnt a whole load too! Am hoping to start my redesign this week so it couldn’t have been a better time 🙂

  4. Thank you for the event, Henny. You Opera folks did great! Was nice to finally meet, too. Saturday truly gave a plethora of inspiration—can’t wait to see what’s up next!

  5. Good to meet you too Tobias.

    BTW folks, I’ve just updated the post with videos of Bruce, Dean and Remy that Remy himself kindly did on the day.

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