The screen reader FA Cup

Here’s a quick round up of some of my favourite things that screen readers announce incorrectly. Note this is all using British English unless otherwise stated.

  • ‘Slough’ – A less than salubrious town just outside London in the UK announced as ‘Sloth’… Hat tip @DesignedByBlind
  • ‘Home page’ – Announced as ‘Homie paage’ it’s good to know that screen readers are keepin’ it real. Hat tip @alastc
  • ‘FA Cup’ – Again screen readers seem to make there opinions known by announcing it as ‘Fuckup’. Sadly I think Jaws, where I first noticed this, might have fixed it now.
  • ‘iOS’ – VoiceOver on iOS6 is very specific about this and announces ‘Arse’. One of the big failings of iOS7 is that it fails to say arse… Hat tip @ianpouncey
  • ‘Screen shot’ – iOS 7.0 happily announces this as ‘screen shit’. Hat tip @andrewronksley
  • ‘Skip to content’ – An old favourite; skip to happiness, all the way to the promised land as screen readers announce content with the inflection of contentedness.

Got any more to add?