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Multiple ways of inputing and accessing information on the web is standard in accessibility but with the proliferation of mobile, tablets, touch, games consoles, kiosks (you name it) things are changing.

Where we were lucky if websites were designed with keyboard only users in mind it’s necessary to think beyond keyboard and mouse to include voice, movement, gestures, touch, switches, device motion, heartbeats (yes)…the list is, well, infinite. Not least because it will evolve and never end.

For me this is nothing new and something that accessibility has understood and been tackling for decades. With the proliferation of devices however there is now a convergence where access technology, with all its wonderful ways of providing means of input, is now converging with the mainstream. What we traditionally thought of as ‘assistive technology’ is now becoming something that many of us use dependent on context and device, or simply for fun, rather than solely by need.

Luke Wroblewski did a talk at dConstruct this year on Infinite Inputs discussing input types and how our interfaces have to adapt. He only mentions accessibility once (which is a good thing), but the whole piece covers inclusive design and innovation perfectly. Have a listen: Infinite Inputs.

I’m super happy to have been give two slots at CSUN kindly sponsored by BBC.

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Thank you to Caleb Tang, Kath Moonan, Veronika Jermolina for inviting me to speak at their Mobile Inclusive Design event in London last night, held by the Usability Experience Professional’s Association. It was a lovely crowd and good to see some old faces.Continue Reading Mobile UX 4 Accessibility – UXPA meetup slides

I was honoured to be invited to keynote at Mobile Monday London on inclusive and accessible design. It’s a topic that needs more air time within the mobile community so it was great to share a few thoughts and pieces of research.

I was sad not to be there in person and have to give a huge thanks Kath Moonan and Nisha Valand who moved heaven and earth so I could Skype in last minute as my daughter was poorly. Thanks also to Mobile Monday, Vodafone, Jo Rabin and everyone who attended and put up with a small interruption from my daughter…

Below is a copy of my slides, and if you’re looking for something more meaty check out my Mobile Accessibility slides presented from CSUN 2012. Any questions please get in touch (henny at iheni dot com).



Last week I presented at CSUN 12 on Mobile Accessibility and Does Accessibility have to be perfect. The wonderful Joe Dolson did an amazing job capturing the panel discussion from Does Accessibility Have to be perfect and below is my mobile presentation.

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At CSUN next week I’ll be on a panel alongside Léonie Watson, Sarah Lewthwaite, Kath Moonan and Lisa Herrod tacking the thorny topic of does accessibility have to be perfect? (good job these ladies are fiesty).

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