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I was interviewed by E-Access Bulletin about how we went about developing the BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines. You can read the story behind the BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines over at the E-Access site as well as a blog post on the BBC Internet Blog.

To download a PDF or Word copy of the guidelines visit the BBC standards and guidelines site for mobile accessibility.

Watch this space for some updated mobile guidelines coming soon and for a walk though of mobile accessibility below are slides I presented on an Introduction to Mobile Accessibility at AccessU earlier this year.

Finally, after a long road of writing, editing, approving and everything else you can imagine I’m happy to say that a draft version of the BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines is finally published.

Continue Reading Draft BBC Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

If you have a disability, are a mobile user and have 5 minutes to spare please take a moment to fill out this online survey on mobile accessibility hosted on the The Paciello Group (TPG) site.

The data gathered will be a useful insight into mobile usage and help us  inform mobile accessibility strategy and development.

Obviously the more people filling it in the better to please pass this on to any other mailing lists, blogs or lists you might feel appropriate.

Big thank you to TPG and Kevin Chao for kick starting this.

Update February 1st, 2013

The preliminary results are in and available on the TPG website. It looks like more analysis is to come but I’d say there are few surprises.

I first got to know Kim Patch when we worked together on the W3C User Agent Accessibility Working Group. As a resident of the Web since it’s inception and a long term voice input / non mouse user I was always fascinated to hear what she had to say about making web content, and how a browser interprets that content, accessible.

In this chat Kim discusses barriers of access and highlights what we as web designers and developers should be thinking about when building websites and apps for people who may not use a mouse.Continue Reading Hands free browsing – an interview with Kim Patch

I was honoured to be invited to keynote at Mobile Monday London on inclusive and accessible design. It’s a topic that needs more air time within the mobile community so it was great to share a few thoughts and pieces of research.

I was sad not to be there in person and have to give a huge thanks Kath Moonan and Nisha Valand who moved heaven and earth so I could Skype in last minute as my daughter was poorly. Thanks also to Mobile Monday, Vodafone, Jo Rabin and everyone who attended and put up with a small interruption from my daughter…

Below is a copy of my slides, and if you’re looking for something more meaty check out my Mobile Accessibility slides presented from CSUN 2012. Any questions please get in touch (henny at iheni dot com).



Last week I presented at CSUN 12 on Mobile Accessibility and Does Accessibility have to be perfect. The wonderful Joe Dolson did an amazing job capturing the panel discussion from Does Accessibility Have to be perfect and below is my mobile presentation.

Continue Reading Mobile accessibility presentation at CSUN 2012

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